Hi. My name is Shafiq Jasar, but most people just call me Jasar for simplicity. I have had an interesting life, packed with very diverse experiences: I was a political activist in my youth and am an advocate for a job-free lifestyle now.

For over 25 years, I have helped clients start their own small businesses, and in the process have been privileged to help hundreds of entrepreneurs establish their own dream businesses.

They come from all walks of life: from oil spill specialists to environmental groups, from IT experts to people in the food industry, from international traders to real estate and finance, from marketing experts to movie makers.

During the same period I helped hundreds of people to set up and develop not-for-profit organizations, from small community and religious groups to international development organizations with global reach. These institutions have raised millions of dollars through the years for various worthwhile causes such as fighting cancer, poverty and illiteracy.

Although my formal education is in law, my passion and dedication to independent and self-created work attracted me to promoting the job-free lifestyle. That is why I have spent a quarter of a century helping people to work for themselves.

Like most people, my political views and believes have evolved over time, but my core values have remained intact: Universal human rights for all people, social justice and equitable societies, universal peace for all and care for our shared environment will always be dear to my heart.

In the sixties, seventies and eighties, I dedicated my energy to political activism for social justice, human rights, democratic values and individual freedoms. For that reason I served as a board member and president on many organizations.

I am the author of the eBook series, LIFE WITHOUT JOBS, teaching people how to use their own skills to make money without working for someone else. My website/blog, www.lifewithoutjobs.com, has many good tips on how to live job-free.

My fascination with the human mind has led me to read everything I could on the subject over the past four decades. My own work and the work of others on the human mind, human creativity and creative solutions to our complex world will be published soon.

For years I have been working on some new theories about universal laws that govern everything. If proven and understood as intended, they may change the way we think about everything. I hope they can be presentable to the public in not so distant future.