I would like all my readers to take one day for themselves as often as possible and make the best out of it.

You can plan that day the way you want it. Imagine if you had only one day, how would  you have spent your time? What fun activities would you have done? How would you have prioritized things as the day progressed?

Be creative. Do things that truly matter to you. It is your day. Make it full with tiny pleasures such as reading a book you like, treating yourself to a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of plain cold water as if they were pleasures beyond reach and only now available to you.

Take another day and don’t plan anything for you. It is yours and be spontaneous with everything you do that day.

This will soon make you aware of the fact that life goes so quickly out of our fingers, one day at a time. We often regret that we haven’t done the things we wanted to do: spending more time with those we love, activities that bring joy to us and many other things.

By dedicating an entire day to your heart wishes may enshrine a habit of appreciating the value of time and living in the present.