If I could visit the heavens and beyond, I would have done it. I would have regularly updated the earthlings about my destinations and meetings. I would have reported back on how our universe was born, why the Big Bang happened,  how many big bangs occurred before ours, what was the most advanced civilization of all times in our own universe and many other interesting things.

If I could, I would have a serious discussion with someone about our own little earth and its arrogant and self-declared smart humans. I would have asked answers to why so many of us believe so strongly about our vision of truth.

I would certainly have asked whether there were some sort of favouritism: unequal distribution of health, wealth, pleasures, beauty and length of life.

Oh, ye, I wouldn’t have forgotten to ask about the FREE WILL and PRE-DETEERMINED DIVINE INTERVENTION and clarify whether this whole discussion was a joke or a serious topic.

I would have also got some answers to the issue of life after death and whether we deserved to be brought back to life after we didn’t do much of a good job the first time. And whether it would have made a perfect sense to leave us alone and forgot about our good and bad deeds altogether.


Don’t forget, my destination would have also included other universes to see whether we were given the short end of the stick. If the folks there had much longer life (maybe millions or perhaps billions of years), better health, no governments, no religions, no poverty, no wars, no hells and enticing paradises, then I would have definitely taken our case to the one in charge of our universal and earth affairs and ask for a full redress. My class action law suit would have been not only for our generation but for all those who had been screwed up before us and coming after us.

My lawsuit would have been for punitive damages, suffering, humiliation, degrading and harsh punishment. I would have brought my case on behalf of all ill treated civilizations of all times and of all galaxies to the supreme court of multiverse. I am pretty sure it would be a proven beyond reasonable doubt case.